The only 100% customizable IT ERP on the market.



Professional quality, strength cast success

Professional Group

Many professional development team, many years of professional development experience


Quality assurance, years of development services, more than real case accumulation support, mature solutions

Highly Customized

According to customer needs, in-depth research, highly customized

Highly Cost Effective

Years of customized development experience, higher development efficiency, to achieve higher cost performance

Shorter Cycle

Standardized and efficient design, development, testing process, strict control of project progress, shorter online cycle

Service Plus

Provide more after-sales service

SEA management side: make management easier

SEA management end, born for the release of management. Through the management side, customers, goods, inventory, performance and flow can be fully controlled. No matter where you are, through this app, you can get real-time information for the first time, master it first-hand, and improve work and management efficiency!


Micro store: make sales more convenient

Small shops, make network marketing is not far away, is simple and reliable design, easier to control all of the information inside the store, can at any time and efficient stock replenishment, commodity display, rich in innovation, make commodity value more vivid display in front of customers, and before and could not contact with potential customers to establish a bridge, Seize all business opportunities, greatly change the previous passive waiting for customers, take the initiative to look for customers

SEA Sales end: make sales more smooth

SEA sales side, the implementation team perfect synergy and sales information sharing, the tedious daily work simplification, from real-time inventory, the history of the query customer purchasing information, assist sales staff to complete the order and subsequent order follow up, through the app, everything becomes effective, easy and convenient, energy release sales staff, Focus more on seizing opportunities to develop potential customers and create more value.


Micro store promotion: make marketing faster

Micro store promotion, through this app, to make the marketing more quickly more simple and sales staff can recommend more intuitive through social platform to promote their goods, and can be real-time communication with customers, also can through own qr code and link, more convenient combination of offline and online sales network, invite more new customers into the store, Realize the unified management of App+ website and save the cost of doing business

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Yes, multilingual support, can be in different countries in different locations, can be undifferentiated access, through the network, SEA APP real-time data synchronization.

The cost is determined by the version the customer chooses. The website has the corresponding version introduction and price list, no contract restrictions.

No, our customer service will remind you about the renewal one month before the renewal date every year.

SEA will optimize and upgrade timely according to the feedback of the market. All customers can upgrade with one click for free.

Yes, SEA APP has been adapted to mobile phones of all systems, and can be downloaded and installed through the corresponding APP mall or APP link